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OEM Process


The goal of the RUIYAN OEM process is to help ensure the market success of your product. Therefore, a RUIYAN OEM

relationship goes far beyond the typical OEM agreement that offers little support after the initial phase. The entire program is designed

to help achieve the success of your product.

Product Development

The first key to market success is developing the correct product. During the initial planning phase, our project

manager will help you select and successfully integrate the appropriate RUIYAN technology for your product.


Engineering Support

Our project manager can also provide engineering support to help with the design of your mold, development and manufacture of your product, including evaluating your designs, suggesting modifications, and testing prototypes of the product. We are working to meet the challenge by being assigned the tough projects and we commit to complete the assignment on a time definite basis.


Quality Assurance Support

Our quality assurance support to periodical inspection guarantees all new design quality standards to be followed exactly.


The First Step

It's easy to initiate an OEM alliance with Ruiyan or find out more about the OEM program. Simply email the attached business reply card to sales@ruiyantek.com , fax us +86-755-29630245

A Ruiyan project manager will explain the full range of Ruiyan products and help you explore the opportunities of working with RUIYAN. You may also order a designer's kit directly.



OEM Process 

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