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Optical Fiber Identifier quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power - RY-ID3306 Optical Fiber Identifier accurate test with Sunshade -Easy-to-replace adaptors -Lower power indication -Efficient fiber identifier


RY-C500 Optical Fiber Cleaver Optical Fiber Cleaver Easy to use, convenient, rotating blade, no position limited, High-precision cutting... Optical Fiber Cleaver Light weight Cleave angle: 1 degree Replaceable blade Cleave blade with 16 cleave spots N


1 Tapeline 1 2 Horizontal Stripper 1 3 Strengthened Core Cutter 1 26 Carring Case 1


Identified Wavelength Range 800-1700 nm Identified Signal Type CW 270Hz+5%,1kHz+5%,2kHz+5% Accurate test with Sunshade


Attenuation range(dB) 0~30 0~60 Uncertainty +5% Telecom Maintenance CATV Maintenance


Wavelength 650nm 1mw, 5mw,10mw,20mw,30mw 2.5mm universal connector or 1.25mm


Power Meter + Laser Source Power Meter + Light Source Power Meter + Light Source + Laser Source


Wavelengths(nm) 1310/1550nm, 1310/1490/1550nm 850/1310/1550nm, 1300/1310/1550nm 850/1300/1310/1550nm


Calibration Wavelength(nm) 800~1700 Detector type InGaAs Measurement Range(dBm) -70+10 -50+26 Uncertainty (dB) +0.2(5%)


110 条记录



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